Frequently Asked Questions

What's the background on investigations at this site?  In 2015, South Texas Afterlife Researchers (a paranormal investigative team in Southeast Texas) were given access by the owner to conduct an overnight investigation of the jail.  They were impressed by the activity they experienced and shared the evidence they captured during the night. They made return trips and continued to capture compelling evidence that the jail was far from empty.  A joint venture began to make it available for private groups.  In the following months, they worked steadily to make this location a clean and comfortable environment that other groups would enjoy exploring and want to revisit. The activity continued and included disembodied voices, EVP’s, cell doors slamming and both residual and intelligent paranormal phenomena. This historical site has not been available for private paranormal investigations until now. We are excited about the activity we have experienced there and the opportunity to share this with fellow paranormal investigators. Funds from private investigations will help in our restoration efforts and offer a unique experience in a documented, haunted historic location. 

What are the rules for investigations? The facility is open to the public by reservation only and groups may not exceed six people.  All persons in group must be 18 years or older for overnight investigations.   Groups may not exceed more than six people.  You will be required to sign a hold harmless waiver upon arrival.  You may NOT book this facility for the purpose of selling tickets or with the intent to conduct an event without the approval of the management.  You may contact us with your proposed event information and all requests must be reviewed and approved by the owner.   No additional guests or visitors are allowed on the property other than those disclosed at the time of reservation.  No smoking is allowed inside the building.  Absolutely no alcohol or illegal drugs or firearms are allowed on the property.  Any damages to the structure or property will be billed to your credit card.  

How do the investigations work?  Your investigation begins at 8:00 pm and ends at 9:00 am and will first include a brief history and tour by your hosts.  After this you will be left to investigate on your own and your group will have full access to all areas of the facility.  

What are the site amenities? As fellow investigators, we have tried to incorporate many of the conveniences that lead us to return to certain locations.  Bring whatever equipment you like, there is limited but ample electricity.  If you do not have a DVR/IR camera system, you may use our four camera systems just bring a jump drive to upload your footage from the DVR.  We generally have two cameras upstairs and two downstairs and you can move them around throughout the night.  There are two restrooms, but no shower facilities. We offer a nice break room with a large table and bench seating, a small refrigerator, microwave, electric griddle, coffee pot,
toaster, etc. We have coolers for ice and drinks, paper supplies and utensils.  There is no wi-fi, no central air or heat. We do have space
heaters if needed. There is outdoor seating, a large table and bench seating under a covered garage (nice, in case of rain) and a small outdoor firepit. A great view of the stars from the huge backyard!  Your hosts will be on
the property should you need anything, but will not be inside the jail with you except to access the break room or restrooms as needed.

What are the directions to the jail? The jail is located at 200 N. Main Street in Hallettsville, Texas.  It is just a few blocks from the Lavaca County Courthouse.  From Austin, you take Highway 71 East to Highway 77 South for a little over 90 miles.  From Houston, you take Interstate 10 West and Highway 77 South for around 113 miles. For a map click here.